A Seamless Approach to the Digital Thread

Ontology-First, Hub-and-Spoke Integration Platform for Next-Gen Interoperability and Digital Engineering

The SBE Approach

Ontology-First Approach to Data Mapping and Ingestion

Next-Generation Graphical Ontology and Model Management User Interfaces for End Users

Hub-and-Spoke, Fully Bidirectional Connector Architecture

Built-In No-code Dashboarding and Analytics provided Out-of-the-Box

Application-Centric, Polyglot SBE Connector SDK (Python, Java, C#, and JavaScript currently supported)

Completely Cloud-Agnostic Deployment Architecture

Full Support for Server-Based and Rich-Client Connected Systems

Full On-Premise or Cloud-Based CaaS Environment Support

SBE Tool-Agnostic Embedded User Interfaces Flatten the Learning Curve for SMEs

Upcoming Support for Classified/
Air-Gapped Deployments

Where SBE Vision Provides Solutions:

  • Multiple engineering tools with inherently incompatible data shapes
  • No apples-to-apples comparison approach to compare data from different engineering disciplines
  • Newly adopted engineering tools and systems, innovative as they may be, require a steep learning curve
  • End users must have the ability to manipulate data from their specific engineering vantage point
  • Most engineering decisions require input from several engineering domains
  • Legacy Systems must be fully integrated within modern interoperability solutions
  • Engineering tools employ a variety of incompatible Configuration and Change management paradigms
  • Enterprise-wide Reporting and Analytics must be outsourced to third-party tools
  • Data is held in tools within Cloud or On-premise Environments, depending on the tool

The SBE Platform Within Digital Engineering

SBE Vision develops cutting-edge interoperability software that sets the standard ​for​ managing engineering data across complex product and program organizations. With continuous development of features of the SBE platform scheduled for each upcoming release, SBE Vision will  expand upon our powerful tools that ​transform​ the world’s most complex product development ​processes.

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